Little Apple Dolls
Hier werde ich nun meine Little Apple Dolls einzeln vorstellen. Es gibt davon limitierte Serien und sie sind eigentlich tot. Sie haben keine Gesichter, nur Augen und alle kommen mit einem eigenen Storybook und dem gepinnten Apfel. Einige von ihnen haben auch noch eine extra Maske dabei.
Sie leben in *the Inbetween* ... in der Zwischenwelt. Jede hat ihre ganz eigene Geschichte.

Vorher aber noch ein paar Infos (english):
>>>Little Apple Dolls<<< capture a new interpretation of classic Japanese gothic horror stories, creating elegant gothic Lolitas with eerie, half-formed faces. These spooky dolls come with exquisitely detailed cloth costumes and Little Apple Red, complete with pins.
>>>Yurie Urie<<< skews traditional mythology, which holds the apple as a symbol of temptation, to make the apple a symbol of trust for the Little Apple Dolls.

The Little Apple first came to life in photographic works artist Ufuoma Urie had created that explored myths to do with creation and destruction. The symbol of the wounded, "pin-cushion" apple as an inanimate object who is capable of showing emotion as hero/saviour/sacrifice began to feature prominently in narratives the artist had written. As a symbol in myth, fairytale and religious texts, the apple has represented temptation: an alluring yet tainted object not appearing as it seems: that which is desired which ultimately unsettles those who come into contact with it.

The apple developed a persona in its own right, acting as protector of souls and guardian to the children or rather the hand-crafted child sized dolls. The dolls are a visual combination of foetus/toddler and skeleton. Their faces are not fully formed. They are without key facial features which may render them monstrous yet they are creatures of beauty. They look the way they do because they inhabit the place in between life and death. They are meant to represent a border: they are not dead but they certainly are not alive! One would imagine that each doll character has had a similar experience to the Little Girl in the story and has ended up in between places.

The story of the Little Apple Dolls describes them as the wandering souls of children who have passed into the Inbetween - they are not dead, but nor are they living. Behind every door lies another door in the world of the Inbetween, which Little Apple Dolls call home. With souls faded from the land of the living these Gothic Lolita inspired effigy's dwell in lands removed from any map, and deep within the rabbit hole. Some eat candle-light and some hunt Demons, in a twisted realm not dis-similar from (but darker) than the Anime-inspired worlds of *Miyazaki* animation.
Und das sind nun meine Little Apple Dolls:

Serie 1

Sine used to live by an orchard and tell stories to the apples. She ended up in the Inbetween after an illness, where the souls of children whose lives were taken by force or illness wander, lost and alone. She created chaos in the Inbetween, aiming to provide a safe haven for those lost souls. She appointed Little Apple Red as her keeper and a protector of souls, piercing him with pins and needles and broken glass.

Sine is the Keeper of the Inbetween Place. You've met her already. Sine lived in the house by the orchard where Little Apple Red grew and used to make believe the fallen apples could talk. Talking to the apples was her favourite thing to do. One day she got real sick and stopped playing in the orchard altogether. Little Apple Red was real sad. He thought she wasn't coming back. She returned to the orchard to find Little Apple Red and the apples she played with and marked them so they couldn't be eaten. She took them back to the Inbetween Place to protect herself and the wandering souls. Little Apple Red is her keeper. She's real nice but keeps herself to herself. She always has stuff to do.
Circe was a witch child born of chaos, from a forbidden union between water nymph and sun god. As punishment for this union, which caused an imbalance in the Inbetween, Circe was cursed and left alone. Circe was eventually set alight and thrown into a lake by the women of her village for being a witch. When she woke up, she was greeted by Little Apple Red in the Inbetween.

Other people being scared of stuff they don't brought Circe here. She says she's here because she was pushed in a lake and can't swim. Little Apple Red says when Circe speaks it sounds like cats crying and the aurora borealis.
Serie 2

Animula was promised to a warlord before she was even born, to save her parents' village. On her seventh birthday she was taken from her family and kept in a cage. Faced with a life trapped by evil, the little girl took action that would bring her to Little Apple Red ...

Animula is here because she liked her soul and didn't want anybody else to have it. The Inbetween suits her just fine. Here she can go on great adventures if she pleases. For Animula ... everyday is August Day.
Mentis was a clever child who loved words, puzzles and thinking. One day, her thoughts started to talk back to her. Eventually, the thoughts became too loud and Mentis did not like being told what to do. She took her chances with lightning instead, which brought her to Little Apple Red ...

Mentis thinks in words not pictures. Charles says Mentis is not wired up right. Mentis says Charles is what he is and is what he isn't. Mentis' thoughts come to visit her everyday. "How do you do?" they say. "Very well, thank you" she tells them.
Erro was a little girl ensnared in the cruel games of she whose name must not be spoken, a lost soul with a hole where her heart should be. Then she met Little Apple Red, who placed himself inside the hole and helped her to escape to a new home in the Inbetween.

Everyone used to call Erro "The Wanderer". She never sat down. I think she was looking for something. Erro walks round and round and round in circles. Sometimes it makes her dizzy. Erro got lost and Little Apple Red found her and brought her here. No wait ... she found Little Apple Red and ... I forget. Little Apple Red tells it better anyway.
Serie 3

In the Land of the Living, Sanem grew from the ground like flowers do. From her home in the Queen of all gallows, the Blood Tree, she sang the most beautiful songs that caused all who heard her to become lost in themselves. When they awoke from the spell that was her song - a grim surprise lay in wait. It was not long before Sanem, the Blood Tree and the ones who worshipped them received a deadly gift of their own ...

All we know of the frail, elf-like Sanem is that she lived in the Blood Tree and sang the most beautiful, bewitching song; so much so that people would be drawn to her like moths to a flame, until they got near enough that the ground by the tree would open up and swallow them ... such was the feeding of the Blood Tree.
Triginta Tres:
All that is known of Triginita Tres is that she is connected to the Miko, mighty sorceresses whose power came from their surroundings, such as mountain stone or stormy sea. Some were noble women communing with spirits and goddesses who often would possess them. But as some reached into the Great Beyond, it could not always be known who they were talking to, for there were things mortals could not begin to imagine, in the darkness ...
Oneris the Wax Carver is a clever soul who keeps to herself. She lives in the shadows of trees and makes candles for the lost and for the brave. She carries within her a great weight that slows all time as she moves. Her face tells the story of how she came to enter the Wandering Wood but she chooses to cover it with a veil. Charles says we are all friends and protectors in the Inbetween so there is no reason to hide; he believes we should not trust those who choose to hide their faces from the light of the day. Little Apple Red says there is more to Oneris than she would care to tell us about ...

One can catch a glimpse of the Inbetween in the Wandering Wood, where Kook, Charles and Little Apple Red often venture. Here you may spy the Wax Carver, who lives here among the Cypress trees. Also known as Oneris, glimpsing beneath her veil to see her face would reveal a beauty that pleases few but disturbs many. She makes black candles for the lost souls of wanderers and roaming warriors, which follow her about; lights for the living lost.
Vates is known as the Child of the Light Storm. She was born when light rained down onto a cursed island in the middle of the ocean. Little Apple Red says she could see things that others could not. Vates now exists in the place Inbetween places because she foresaw her own fate and the secrets of the isle but was mislead by young islanders offering baneful hands of friendship ...
Serie 4

Timor Balatro:
The Balatro is one half of the pair known as the "Lucky Children". But this title was not given to them nor was it earned ... Timor carries with her, a sack of tricks that promises to capture the moon. Little Apple Red says should we ever peer into it, a most unpleasant surprise awaits ...

Convention Exclusive 2005
Creo & Pestis

All hail Pestis, destroyer of worlds!!! The universe could not exist without Pestis. Little Apple Red says sometimes things must be destroyed to make space for new stuff. But Pestis got bored with wrecking the worlds her sister Creo made for her. Pestis loved her sister but looked for grand adventures in other places. The Inbetween became Pestis' home when the above and the below were thrown out of balance. Charles says blood is not always thicker than water ...

Little Apple Red says Creo made worlds and planets and kingdoms more beautiful than anyone could imagine. Her sister Pestis once lived to destroy them but Creo did not care. She lived to create things for her sister to destroy and loved her all the same. Maybe more than life itself. So much so, life was not worth living if Pestis was not there ... She now resides in the Inbetween because she followed her heart. She followed it till the very end and it got her in trouble. Little Apple Red says beware of little girl's who give you the moon ...
When Series 3 was announced for release, one of the dolls was described only as a "Mystery Doll".
He has since emerged as the very first (and only) boy in the collection, Atrum.

The Trickster boy is awoken by the laughter of children and the sound of carnivale music. Little Apple Red says it is the music that makes him act the way he does. We cannot be sure if mischievous souls like him side with good or un-good. For Atrum it is not the treasure he finds; but the way in which he finds it ... this is the most fun of all. 'Tween All Hallows and November is his favourite time of all to go treasure hunting. He offers his findings to whoever makes the best offer.
Atrum is around half the size of the other Little Apple Dolls and there are only 800 worldwide of him.
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